Original Dayton Agreement Is Kept in a Presidency Safe, Source Claims

The document found in man’s apartment on Tuesday is not the Bosnian original copy of the Dayton agreement, a source told Anadolu Agency in Sarajevo. The original is in a safe at the Bosnian Presidency archives, the source said.

Late Tuesday, police arrested a man in Pale, east of Sarajevo, after searching his apartment and finding a document that appeared to be an original of the 1995 peace agreement in English language. The original document that the Bosnian delegation brought back home from Paris, where the agreement was officially signed in December 1995, was notoriously missing since at least 2008, when a member in the Bosnian Presidency said the original is not in the Presidency archives.

“Only countries have received original (copies of the agreement), and the one that belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina is kept in a safe of the BiH Presidency Archives. The document that members of the Republika Srpska Ministry of Internal Affairs found last night in Pale is not the original copy of the Dayton Peace Agreement that belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the source told AA.

The man arrested on Tuesday was identified as Željko Kuntoš, an ex security guard of Dragan Kalinić, a former speaker of the Republika Srpska Assembly who is now an adviser to Republika Srpska president Milorad Dodik. Kuntoš reportedly tried to sell the document found in his apartment at a price of €50,000.

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