RS President Discusses Plan to Pass New Constitution

Speaking at a panel on constitutions in complex countries, held at Banja Luka University, the president of Republika Srpska said he will initiate the adoption of a new constitution of that entity without the approval of the RS Council of Peoples.

Milorad Dodik told the panel in Banja Luka that the current RS constitution does not correspond to the real interests of Bosnian Serbs. He said that the adoption of a new constitution will be “twofold” – a simple majority in the entity parliament will pass the act, which will then be put to a referendum vote and then enacted in the parliament. According to him, those steps are needed because the entity’s Council of Peoples – a de facto upper house of parliament that protects the rights of the three main ethnic groups in the entity – vetoes many acts passed in the Serb-controlled parliament. He went on to say that the Council isn’t part of the Dayton agreement.

“The constitution will not (declare) secession in itself, with the very act of passing it, but it will definitely enable Republika Srpska to deal with such problems,” Dodik said.

He accused the international community in Bosnia of changing the original Dayton agreement over the years, creating “a monster that doesn’t function at all”.

“Staying for too long in such impossible conditions harms everybody,” he said.

“I am not against attempts to try and find solutions (for Bosnia), but those must strengthen the Republika Srpska autonomy, granted by the Dayton peace agreement.”

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