Bosnian Muftis Fatwa Foods Made from GMOs

The Islamic law authority of Bosnia’s Islamic Community issued a ban on consuming food made from genetically modified organisms. The Council of Muftis’ fatwa applies to GMOs in food for humans and for animals bred for slaughter.

“The Council of Muftis of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina rules that the genetically modified organisms are in the category of suspicious products and as such can not be used in the diet of people and animals whose meat is used to make halal (permitted) products,” the Council said in its fatwa.

Fatwas are not legally binding in Bosnia and apply only to members of the Islamic Community.

The Council issued the fatwa at a request from the Bosnian agency for halal quality certification.

Bosnian safety food agency allowed imports of genetically modified and more affordable soy this year due to the shortages of food for livestock, caused by the droughts that crippled the crops this summer. Bosnian soy farmers don’t grow genetically modified soy.

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