2017 “Spanish Cinema Cycle” Opens November 16 in Sarajevo Cinema

The Embassy of Spain to Bosnia is organizing the 16th edition of an annual event showcasing the works of Spanish directors. The 2017 “Spanish Cinema Cycle” will be held November 16-20 at Sarajevo’s Meeting Point cinema.

All screenings will start at 20h. The films are subtitled in B/H/S and English. Admission to the screenings is free.

The films selected for the 16th edition of the “Spanish Cinema Cycle”:

Nov. 16: Enrique Urbizu’s “Box 507” (2002, 104′) – A bank gets robbed and the robbers break into several safe deposit boxes. After the robbery, the bank manager looks into one of the deposit boxes and finds  documents that prove his daughters death was not an accident.


Nov. 17: Álex de la Iglesia’s “My Big Night” (2015, 100′) – During a never-ending TV taping for a New Year’s Eve program, peoples’ personal lives clash and eventually explode out into the open.


Nov. 18: Álvaro Fernández Armero’s “Sidetracked” (2014, 103′) – Three couples in their forties attempt to navigate through interpersonal relationships, facing day-to-day challenges in the search for love and a better future.


Nov. 19: Juan Antonio Bardem’s “Death of a Cyclist” (1955, 88′) – A couple having an affair mow down a bicyclist with their car and do not stop to help, afraid that that their relationship could be exposed.


Nov. 20: Cesc Gay’s “Truman” (2015, 108′) – Two men accompanied by Truman the dog share emotional and surprising moments arising from a complicated situation.

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