Ski Park Company and Government Spar over New Ski Pass Prices

Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton said his government will ask a company that runs Sarajevo’s ski areas where the 1984 Olympics competitions were held to revert the ski pass prices that went up ahead of the ski season.

“The (new) ski lifts on Bjelašnica (mountain) were financed by the Sarajevo Canton taxpayers’ money. The ZOI ’84 (company) didn’t pay anything. The ski pass move demonstrates the lack of seriousness in people who run (public) companies, making decisions without regard for consequences,” said Prime Minister Elvedin Konaković.

The ZOI ’84 company said that a pass price increase was necessary to keep the company sustainable, since the costs of running the business will be up due to new ski lifts. The company published the new prices for different types ski passes on Bjelašnica last week. A significant increase in the season ski pass was met with outrage on social media.

“Only economically viable prices will make the business healthy and growing. The mistakes of other (public) companies proved that. We assume that the (Sarajevo Canton) government and municipalities will finance projects and ski schools like before, so that skiing and spending time on mountains will be accessible to everybody,” the ZOI ’84 said in a press release.

“The government has no power to revert the prices, but we will request an explanation. It would be logical to keep the old prices and compensate for higher costs by having more skiers (on Bjelašnica),” said Konaković.

Another venue of the 1984 Olympics, the Jahorina ski center in Republika Srpska, also increased the ski pass prices.

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