Peace Overseer Urges Bosnian Politicians to Drop Divisive Talk

The international community’s peace overseer in Bosnia urged the country’s political leaders to tone down the belligerence that has pervaded the public discourse this week. Such bellicose rhetoric is unacceptable in the context of the 1995 Dayton peace accords that ended the Bosnian war of the nineties, the High Representative Valentin Inzko said in a statement.

“The High Representative is deeply concerned over recent divisive statements by some high-level political and institutional leaders, which remind the population of BiH of the tragic conflict during the ’90 and are not in line with long-standing efforts to promote peace, stability and prosperity in BiH,” said the Office of the High Representative in a statement released on Tuesday.

To clarify, the envoy outlined the basic rules in Bosnia.

“BiH is a single, sovereign state comprising two entities. The entities have no right to secede from BiH and only exist legally by virtue of the BiH Constitution. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina is guaranteed under international law and not a matter for negotiation.

All political parties must respect the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and ensure that they are able to work and make decisions. Actions by political parties that would paralyze the institutions of BiH are unacceptable, as State institutions must be able to fulfill their mandate as prescribed by the BiH Constitution.”

The High Representative urged public officials to refrain from irresponsible rhetoric and instead intensify their work on improving the institutions on all levels of government in Bosnia.

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