Armed Forces Mark Anniversary

The 12th anniversary of the formation of Bosnian Armed Forces was marked with an open door day at the barracks on the outskirts of Mostar, southern Bosnia. The hosts organized an air gun competition for Mostar’s school children and members of the city’s civil protection, fire brigade and police.

The commander of the artillery battalion at the barracks, Major Senad Salihović, said the Armed Forces have enough soldiers to meet the needs of both the AF and the civilian authorities in case they needed assistance.

“We are proud that schoolchildren and members of civilian organizations will meet with soldiers, officers, and see weapons and equipment at the Miralem Jugo barracks,” said Salihović.

Major Senad Salihović

“BiH Armed Forces are here to train them in providing protection for the civilians in case of natural disaster,” said Salihović.

The formation of Bosnian Armed Forces in 2005 was the crown of the defense reform in Bosnia, one of the rare successful reforms in the country. The AF were created by merging and restructuring the armies of Bosnia’s two entities, the Federation and Republika Srpska, which were belligerents in the Bosnian war of the nineties.

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