Trump Congratulates the Statehood Day to Bosnian Presidency Chair

President of the United States congratulated Bosnia’s statehood day holiday to the chairman of the Bosnian Presidency, the ambassador to Washington told a news agency, but the chairman will skip the Presidency reception on November 25 this year.

Donald Trump sent a congratulation to Dragan Čović, the Croat member of the Bosnian Presidency and currently the chair of the collective head of state, Bosnian ambassador to the U.S. Haris Hrle told Fena news agency. The U.S. continues supporting Bosnia’s efforts to built a prosperous state fully integrated in the Euro-Atlantic institutions, including NATO, the ambassador said.

On November 25, 1943, a council of the communist resistance movement in Nazi-occupied Bosnia convened in the town of Mrkonjić Grad and declared Bosnia a republic that will be part of the Yugoslav federation. The council, a de facto government, sent envoys to an all-Yugoslav meeting in Jajce five days later, at which the communist resistance led by Tito declared the federation of six republics.

The 1943 session of the Bosnian national antifascist council

The date was declared the statehood day by the government in Sarajevo following Bosnia’s independence declaration in 1992. However, a law on national holidays wasn’t adopted after the Bosnian war, as the statehood day and the independence day, March 1, are contested by Republika Srpska entity.

The Bosniak and Bosnian Croat members of the Presidency traditionally organize reception on November 25, but this year the Croat member Čović said he will not take part, citing previous engagements as the reason. The Serb member Mladen Ivanić is expected to skip the event as the RS instead marks November 21, the day Dayton peace agreement was reached in 1995.

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