Sarajevo’s Second Service Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities Opens on Monday

The United States ambassador to Bosnia and mayor of Sarajevo’s old town municipality will open a service center for families of children and persons with developmental disabilities at the municipality administration seat on Monday.

The center, supported by the U.S. government, is the second one Sarajevo. The first one, in the Alipašino polje neighborhood, opened two years ago. The United States Agency for International Development in Bosnia provided $76.000 through its Marginalized Populations Support Activity to ensure that the two centers in Sarajevo can continue their activities for the next two years.

The center provides children with developmental disabilities with daily stays for up to four hours. During the stay, the children are under the care of psychologists, special education professionals and social workers, and take part in creative and inclusive workshops. Families of children and persons with developmental disabilities are provided with legal and psychological counseling and support in crisis situations. All services that the center offers are free of charge.

The center that opens on Monday is the second center of this type in Sarajevo, and fifth in Bosnia. The other three previously opened centers are in Foča, Tuzla and Banja Luka.

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