EU Enlargement Commissioner Opens State Prosecution’s New Building

The European Union’s neighborhood and enlargement commissioner opened the new building of Bosnia’s state prosecution in Sarajevo. Johannes Hahn arrived on Monday to meet with Bosnian government officials and discuss the country’s progress with meeting conditions to become a candidate for membership in the bloc.

“The rule of law is at the very core of the European integration process; the credibility of the process depends on the existence of an independent judiciary,” Hahn told reporters in Sarajevo.

“In that context, the BiH Prosecution is one of the key institutions that will establish the rule of law.”

The commissioner said the EU needs to see concrete results of the efforts to depoliticize Bosnia’s judiciary.

“That is one of the basic European values,” he said.

The European Commission and member states are deeply concerned about Bosnia’s lack of progress on necessary reforms so far in 2017, Hahn said ahead of his visit to Bosnia.

“While the European Union is more committed than ever to support Bosnia and Herzegovina on its EU path, political leaders both in government and in opposition seem more concerned with the usual nationalistic themes and talk about ‘crisis’ instead of focusing on the real work at hand,” Hahn said.

The commissioner pointed out that he will stress in his meetings with the Bosnian officials that the European Commission expects the country’s elected leaders to deliver on a set of reforms they pledged to materialize in 2015.

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