Shakespeare and Bosnian Band at Zagreb Commemoration for Convicted War Criminal

A commemoration for the former Bosnian Croat general who committed suicide as his verdict was read out in the war crimes court in The Hague last week will be held in Zagreb, Croatia on Monday.

The commemoration at Zagreb’s concert hall will not be attended by the family of Slobodan Praljak, the military leader of Bosnian Croats during the Bosnian war who was found guilty of taking part in a joint criminal enterprise to ethnically cleanse parts of Bosnia, media reported on Saturday. The organizers, an organization of Croatia’s generals, also cancelled the invitation to the official band of the Croatian navy, saying they didn’t want to put the band in an unpleasant position. Instead, a band from Bosnia will perform at the commemoration, named “One who dies an honorable (death) will live forever”.

Praljak was sentenced with five other Bosnian Croat leaders. According to the verdict, they colluded with late Croatian president Franjo Tuđman and other government officials at the time, between 1993 and 1995, to ethnically cleanse parts of Bosnia that would join Croatia.

The funeral ceremony for Praljak was held Thursday at Zagreb’s Mirogoj crematorium, in the presence of close family and a few close friends, according to the media.

There will be no official speeches by politicians at the Monday commemoration, the organizers said. The late general’s photos from the Bosnian war will be projected on a screen and two Croatian actors will be reading parts from the works of William Shakespeare.

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