Media Mogul’s Piece of Paradise

Over the course of two years, a Sarajevo political leader and a media mogul has acquired properties and company shares in Montenegro worth more than 11 million KM — four luxurious apartments in Porto Montenegro marina in Tivat and a stake in Montenegro Telecom.

The money for Fahrudin Radončić’s investments into the neighboring country came from Sarajevo-based firms Avaz and Avaz-Roto Press which he had given away or had sold to his former wife Azra Radončić in mid-2012 following their divorce. One of the properties he paid with a loan of over a million that he took from a Montenegrin bank.

Formally, Radončić is not the owner of these two firms. Yet, the documents collected by the Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo show that, if he wants, Radončić could still exercise control over Avaz- Roto Press business decisions, the editorial policy of Dnevni Avaz and staff appointments.

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