Rescuers Expand Search for Sarajevo Man Who Fell into River

The search for a Sarajevo man missing since Wednesday expanded over the weekend as the effort was joined by rescuers in Sarajevo, Visoko, Zenica and Doboj. 

Early on Wednesday, two men fell in the Miljacka river in a residential part of Sarajevo. Rescuers retrieved the body of one of them on Thursday, from the Bosna river near the central Bosnia town of Visoko, some 35 kilometers from Sarajevo. On Saturday, the search for the other man was expanded to the town of Doboj, some 160 kilometers away from Sarajevo.

Members of the Federation entity’s civil protection in Sarajevo and Zenica and the Republika Srpska entity civil protection in Doboj were joined by some 60 volunteers who self-organized on the social media.

According to earlier reports, one of the two men fell into the Miljacka river around 2 am on Wednesday. The other one, a waiter in nearby bar, jumped into the river in a rescue attempt. They disappeared in the swollen river.

The civil protection members told the reporters that divers and boats have a hard time searching for the missing man as the rivers Miljacka and Bosna are swollen due to rain that has been falling for days. A helicopter of the Federation’s civil protection was spotted over Sarajevo on Saturday.

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