Ski Season Opens on Bjelašnica

Sarajevo officials opened the ski season on Bjelašnica mountain, but skiers will have to wait for snow.

The Sarajevo canton prime minister and the director of company running the sites of the 1984 Olympic Games officially opened the ski season on Bjelašnica. However, no skiers were there on Saturday, as there is no enough snow on the slopes to actually ski.

“We would have employed snowmaking if the temperature was below zero, but that was not an option since the temperature was above zero these days. We expect better conditions by Monday,” said the director of ZOI’84 company Midhat Hubijar.

“We did all we could and we wanted this day to be festive on Bjelašnica, but it is what it is,” said the Sarajevo canton prime minister Elmedin Konaković.

“The good thing is that there is snow in the weather forecast, so we hope we will host everybody keen to ski and have a good time as early as tomorrow.”

The daily ski pass on Bjelašnica costs €15 on workdays and €17.5 on weekend days.

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