Foreign Trade Minister, EU Envoy Discuss Rural Development Strategy

Bosnian minister of foreign trade and met with Head of the EU Delegation to Bosnia to discuss an expedited adoption of the national strategy for rural development.

The document, anticipated by Bosnian farmers, needs to be adopted by the end of the year; otherwise, Bosnia will not have access to the European Union funds for agriculture.

“EU is ready to support farmers, but this significant support will only become available if the strategic documents are adopted by the end of the year,” said Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, stressing that the draft strategy was given high marks by the EU institutions.

Wigemark commended the efforts Minister Mirko Šarović invested in making the document, emphasizing he hopes that the Republika Srpska entity government will recognize the importance of the strategy and give its opinion soon.

Minister Šarović said that the national strategy, in which the entity governments took part equally, fully respects the RS jurisdictions.

“If the document is not adopted, the damage for Bosnia, and therefore for the RS, will be lasting, and we will lose at least 30 million euros (in 2018),” said the Minister.

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