Joan Baez Concert in Sarajevo

American singer Joan Baez will reportedly have a concert in a Sarajevo venue next year. According to the local media, the songwriter and musician known for her rights activism will perform in the Bosnian Culture Center BKC on March 31.

The concert is supposed to be Baez’s third in Sarajevo. The singer visited the city the first time in April 1993, during the siege of Sarajevo. She had a humanitarian concert for Sarajevans in now closed Imperial Cinema.

In July 2008, Baez performed at the Baščaršija Nights festival.

Joan Baez is regarded as a folk singer, although her music has diversified since the counterculture days of the 1960s and now encompasses everything from folk, rock and pop to country and gospel music.

Although a songwriter herself, Baez generally interprets other composers’ work.

“Our public concert was a major risk. It is dangerous to have many people in one place in Sarajevo, and the theater held 300. Twice as many came and refused to leave,” she wrote about the 1993 concert in a piece for the Washington Post. “For brief moments then (…) I shared the righteous and understandable desire to bring in the big guns and blast Sarajevo’s tormentors out of the hills. But history rises before me. That way lies more retaliation, more hatred, more agony, more dead children. The real enemy, the enemy of us all, is nationalism gone mad. It is stalking the world. And we are addicted to it as hopelessly as the Serbians and the Bosnians and the Croatians.”

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