Thieves Break into Empty Lukomir Homes

Homes in Bosnia’s highest altitude hamlet, abandoned during winter, were reportedly broken into and robbed last week, but the villagers learned about the break-ins on the weekend.

According to the villagers of Lukomir, the thieves took with them a number of handmade clothing items and knitted socks typical for the villages of Bjelašnica mountain.

“The windows were smashed and the doors were broken on some ten houses. According to the trails in the snow, three persons broke into homes and stayed there for a while. There were empty bottles, dirty dishes and cigarette butts, and women’s underwear left in one house,” said Mujo Masleša, a resident of Lukomir, who reported some one hundred of hand knitted woolen socks stolen from his house.

Because of snow-blocked roads on the mountain, the villagers leave Lukomir early into winter and spend several months in the Sarajevo valley. Last year, the last residents left the village late in November.


Masleša said his sister and her husband went to Lukomir on December 31 to check on the houses and see whether the pipes and roofs suffered damage from snow and cold – something the locals do from time to time during winter.

“They saw footprints in the snow, and then realized that the houses were broken into and the windows were smashed,” said Masleša.

Lukomir sits at an altitude of 1,495 meters on the Bjelašnica mountain. Medieval tombstones originating from the 14th and 15th century at the village suggest that it was inhabited for centuries. The homes in the area are made of stone, with roofs composed of wooden tiles.

The hamlet is popular with tourists who appreciate local food and clothing items handmade by the villagers.

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