Bosnia Doesn’t Question Georgia’s Sovereignty, Foreign Ministry Says

Bosnian foreign ministry said that the country respects Georgia’s sovereignty, following a diplomatic note sent by Georgia, which objected to a visit of South Ossetia officials to Banja Luka this week.

A delegation of the Georgian breakaway region arrived to Bosnia for the Republika Srpska Day celebration in Banja Luka. The delegation was led by Anatoly Bibilov, who met with the RS president Milorad Dodik. Officials of the Georgian region and the Bosnian entity signed cooperation agreements on the occasion.

Bosnian foreign ministry said the self-proclaimed independence of South Ossetia is an open issue and added that the two sides will hopefully find a solution for it. The ministry said there was no official note on the arrival of the delegation headed by Bibilov, and the Bosnian government didn’t take part in facilitating the visit.


Entity president Dodik, who received Bibilov at his office in Banja Luka, said that the cooperation between Republika Srpska and South Ossetia is “legitimate”, having in mind the similarities between the two, and added that he “appreciated the South Ossetia people’s fight for freedom”.

“We believe that they are in full sovereign right to decide on their fate, like any other nation, according to the UN charter,” said Dodik.

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