Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition Opens at National Gallery

A traveling exhibition of Japanese contemporary artworks opened at the Bosnian National Gallery in Sarajevo. The works of 14 young artists exhibited at the Gallery explore the imagination behind the “micropop” movement in modern Japan’s art.


Japan’s “micropop” – a term coined by independent art critic Midori Matsui in 2007 – is a playful style of art which masks a deeper philosophy of the inventive power of the banal and the forgotten. The movement can be summarized simply as an art practice that “reinvents everyday life to give new meanings to commonplace things”.

Matsui said that the exhibition explores important trends of Japan’s contemporary art in the works of artists who actively created between 1990 and 2010.

Kazuya Ogawa

Japanese ambassador to Bosnia, Kazuya Ogawa, said at the exhibition opening that the “winter garden” in the name of the exhibition refers to the meaning of a greenhouse – an artificial environment bursting with lifeforms, including those in the microworld.

The exhibition at the National Gallery will be open by January 24.

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