Security Minister Confirms Knowledge of a Paramilitary Unit

Bosnian security minister said that the law enforcement agencies have knowledge about a paramilitary unit organized in the Republika Srpska entity.

Minister Dragan Mektić commented on multiple media reports about a right-wing Serbian organization set to form a paramilitary unit in Bosnia, with the support from the RS authorities.

“We are monitoring that, and we will inform the state prosecutor’s office soon, no later than by the start of the next week. I am not at liberty to share concrete details of the operational nature at the moment, except that I expect the prosecutor’s office to react swiftly. Of course, we (…) will cooperate with the prosecutor’s office and work on fulfilling their orders,” minister Mektić said.


Žurnal news website broke the story on Friday, reporting that a right-wing organization, “Srbska čast” (Serb honor), is recruiting individuals with criminal past who will make the backbone of a paramilitary unit in the RS. According to the story, the organization members in military-style outfits had a meeting in the RS Assembly hall in Banja Luka last month. The meeting was reportedly organized to discuss the formation of a unit that would participate in the RS Day parade, held on January 9. The use of the entity parliament hall was approved by the vice speaker, Nenad Stevandić, who reportedly told Žurnal that he didn’t have objections to “the non-governmental organization using the assembly premises”.


The “Srbska čast” unit took part in the RS Day parade this week.

According to the Žurnal story, the core of the unit is supposed to be made from individuals with criminal past, but the recruitment base is the youth wing of an organization that calls itself the RS Veterans Powers.

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