Managing Public Companies

An investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo has uncovered how the three-member panels managing Sarajevo’s public companies, whose job is to represent the interests of Sarajevo Canton, are often composed of people representing political parties that want to control the companies’ work.

The panel candidates’ education and work experience often don’t meet the requirements for the job they are expected to do. For example, an engineer of forestry and a high-school professor were managing the city’s food markets; an army officer was in charge of public transport, a counseling professor and social workers were in charge of natural gas delivery, and a B.A. in sport management was in charge of the city’s public works.

A panel is made up of a president who earns about KM 390 and two members entitled to fees of KM 300. After a call for applications is closed, a commission selects a panel while the Canton’s Assembly appoints it.

The Sarajevo Canton government stipulates that a membership on the public companies’ panels requires a university degree and at least three years of experience in one’s chosen field. In 2011, stricter criteria were adopted that made it clear candidates had to have background and experience relevant to the company they were applying for. However, these were in force for just three months.

Read the full story here.

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