Sarajevo Museum Founder Makes It to Forbes “30 under 30”

The founder of Sarajevo’s War Childhood Museum was selected by a panel of judges to be among Forbes 30 under 30 in Europe.

The 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 in Europe list includes individuals from 25 European countries and all the continent’s regions.

Jasminko Halilović (29) was added to the list for being “a leading conflict researcher” who “founded the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo which has documented over 4,000 articles, interviews and artifacts exploring the experience of growing up in wartime Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

The museum at Logavina Street opened a year ago,  after struggling with reluctant local authorities to get enough funding. The project was finally realized thanks to help mostly from international donors, as well as a crowdfunding drive that raised several thousand euros.


In December 2017, the museum was awarded the 2018 Council of Europe Museum Prize.

“The museum, which is deliberately apolitical, aims to fill in an existing gap in documenting war experiences from the child’s perspective and therefore expands its research and collection across Bosnia and Herzegovina, among diaspora living abroad and also globally, in cooperation with associations in Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. The judging panel praised the museum’s ‘real potential to serve as a powerful self-sustained model of civic initiative’ and said it offered an example that could be replicated in other major conflict and post-conflict zones in the world,” said the CoE assembly at the time.

“I am particularly honored that I am the first Bosnian ever to make the Forbes list. I have always questioned if it is at all possible be globally competitive in anything if you are working in a small and developing country, and I think this recognition brings back the hope that it still is possible,” Halilović posted on Facebook. 

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