Diplomats Honor Journalists Killed while Reporting from Wartime Mostar

Italian ambassador and head of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia honored Italian journalists killed in 1994 in Mostar, during the Bosnian war, and attended a conference in the city on the media freedoms in the country.

RAI journalists Mario Luchetta, Dario D’Angel and Alessandro Ota were killed by a mortar shell on January 28, 1994 while reporting from Mostar. Ambassador Nicola Minasi and OSCE’s Bruce Berton were joined by the widow of late Ota and an Italian MP, Marco Bergonzi, in paying respects at the site of the tragedy.

“They wanted to tell the story of the suffering of this society during the war; they were reporting on children in war (…) It is very important that journalists tell the truth to the society. We are thankful to all journalists who continue their mission today,” said Ambassador Minasi.

Head of the OSCE Mission Berton said that war reporting is a dangerous job. It is important to remember and memorialize such places, he said, and remember the journalists’ sacrifice.


Following the visit to the site of the three journalists’ death, the diplomats attended an OSCE-organized conference on the media freedoms in Bosnia, at Mostar’s city hall.

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