Jewish Community Honors Holocaust Victims

Sarajevo’s Jewish Municipality marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day by honoring the victims with a prayer for the dead.

Head of the Bosnian Jewish community, Jakob Finci, told the guests who attended the prayer that Holocaust is remembered for what it was – mass murder and an attempt to exterminate Jews and other targeted groups. Six million Jews perished in the Nazi camps in Europe during WW2. Bosnia’s small but vibrant Jewish community was decimated in Holocaust. Thousands were deported to death camps. Before WW2, one in five Sarajevans was Jewish; when the war was over, the community accounted for several percent of its pre-WW2 size.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is marked on January 27, the day when Auschwitz camp was liberated by advancing Soviet troops in 1945.

As part of marking the anniversary, an exhibition on “Kristallnacht” opened in Sarajevo’s Jewish Museum. On Monday, the Museum will host an exhibition on diplomats who saved Jews from deportation during Holocaust.

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