Annual Energy Fair Will Be Held in June

The 8th edition of an annual international energy fair and a conference will take place in Sarajevo’s Skenderija center from 19 to 21 June.

The ENERGA fair, now one of the most significant energy-related events in the region, is held this year under the slogan THINKING THE FUTURE, focusing on a modern, sustainable and efficient energy future. The organizers, Tuzlanski Sajam (Tuzla fair) conceived ENERGA based on the predispositions of the Western Balkans and adapted it to this region’s industry and energy tradition, potentials and development prospects.

The 2018 ENERGA fair and conference are held at a time of making important decisions on development of the energy sector in Bosnia, based on the current trends in scientific and technological development in the energy sector, from the viewpoint of utilization and development of domestic resources.

The fair is a meeting place for major domestic and international companies that will present the trends, as well as research and production achievements in production and distribution of electrical energy, fossil fuels, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and forms of business cooperation between domestic and international companies.

The conference will discuss a number of issues that are a result of collaboration of representatives of both government and non-governmental organizations, as well as research, educational and economy institutions.

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