EUFOR’s Operational Commander Visits Camp Butmir

Operational commander of the European Union force in Bosnia and Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (NATO) General Sir James Everard, made a routine working visit to EUFOR HQ in Sarajevo.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the ongoing support EUFOR provides to Bosnia in the maintenance of its safe and security environment. General Everard was welcomed at EUFOR HQ by Commander EUFOR, Major General Anton Waldner, and an Honor Guard comprised of soldiers from the EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion (MNBN). The MNBN is EUFOR’s in-theater reserve, and as Operational Commander, General Everard can supplement the battalion with the Intermediate Reserve Forces under the Berlin Plus arrangement should the security situation in Bosnia necessitate it.

The Berlin Plus arrangement permits the EU to draw upon NATO’s military assets and reserve forces in its Peace Support Operations; an arrangement currently unique to Operation ALTHEA.

While the deployment of the Intermediate Reserve Force to Bosnia forms part of the annual exercise Quick Response, which is an opportunity for EUFOR and the Bosnian Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies to train together, this visit focused upon the longer-term training support provided by EUFOR, and EU and NATO nations.

The EUFOR Capacity Building and Training (CB&T) organisation provides Bosnian Armed Forces with military expertise and technical support in a variety of training areas, which in the last year included dismantling surplus, disaster relief operations and flight safety.

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