Severe Weather Batters Towns across Bosnia

Severe weather caused problems in multiple communities across Bosnia. Snow in the north and rain in the south of the country disrupted electricity supply, caused landslides and cut off roads.

Heavy rainfall and strong wind in Gacko, southern Bosnia, closed a local coal mine. Mobile machines and miners were evacuated from the mine, but dozens were still kept to fight a flood that threatened the pits.

In Fojnica, central Bosnia, three local communities declared state of emergency due to flooding caused by rain. Local civil protection organized mobile teams to watch the situation and told the businesses to provide manpower and tools in case of need.


In northern Bosnia, snow slowed down the road traffic and cut off electricity in many communities. The towns of Cazin and Velika Kaduša lost all power. Most of Bihać was also without electricity and running water on Saturday.

One house was damaged in a landslide in Konjic, southern Bosnia. The road between Konjic and Jablanica was closed several times due to flooding. Further to the south, a landslide threatened the Tjentište monument in Sutjeska national park.

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