Security and Law Enforcement Officials Recognized for Catching a Terror Suspect

Chargé  d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia, Paul Horowitz, and FBI Legal Attaché John Bivona presented FBI Director Certificates of Appreciation to Bosnian security and law-enforcement officials in recognition of their efforts and assistance in the successful arrest and extradition of a suspected terrorist recruiter.

The officials recognized for their contribution in catching Mirsad Kandić came from Bosnia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Border Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Foreign Affairs Service and SIPA. In his remarks, Chargé Horowitz praised the law enforcement and security services for their excellent collaboration and coordination with each other and the United States Government, noting that the only way to successfully fight terrorism is through combined effort.

Kandić, 37, is a U.S. legal permanent resident who once lived in Bronx and Brooklyn. By 2013, he left the country to join the Islamic State group. Originally from Kosovo, Kandić was arrested in June 2017 by Bosnian authorities.

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