Croatia’s National Broadcaster Reopens Mostar Bureau

Croatia’s national public broadcaster HRT reopened its bureau in Mostar after a four-year break and announced the opening of another one in Bosnia, in Sarajevo.

HRT general manager Kazimir Bačić said that the Mostar bureau is an expression of the broadcaster’s interest in Bosnian Croats.

“Bosnia – especially the status of country’s Croats – is one of Croatia’s most important foreign policy issues. (Croatia) has the longest land border with Bosnia. It is an important fact that Bosnian Croats don’t have a public television in their mother tongue,” said Bačić.

Kazimir Bačić

Bačić said that HRT works to “fill that void” with constant coverage of events in Bosnia and frequent news reports for radio and television. He also said that HRT has a weekly show on issues of Bosnian Croats. According to him, the bureau reopening is important because 2018 is an election year in Bosnia.

The HRT bureau in Sarajevo will be covering parts of central Bosnia in the Federation entity and most of Republika Srpska entity.

Croatia’s state secretary for expat Croats, Zvonko Milas, said that the opening of the HRT Mostar bureau was “a strong message of the unity of one nation in two homelands” that says how much Bosnian Croats mean to Croatia.

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