There Is Still Time to Come to an Agreement on Election Law, Bosnian Croat Leader Says

Talks of political parties on the changes to the Bosnian election law should produce concrete results by the end of February, said the leader of the main Bosnian Croat party, the HDZ BiH.

Dragan Čović told the press in Mostar that an agreement on the election law should coincide with the visit of the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker later this month. Juncker will be presented with the completed EC Questionnaire.

Čović spoke to the press after a session of the top body of an organization of Bosnian Croat parties in Mostar. He said there are three months left to amend the election law according to a ruling of Bosnia’s Constitutional Court on the election rules for the Presidency and the upper houses of the national and the Federation entity parliaments.

“Elections must be called 150 days before, meaning early in May. (…) I will continue insisting that there is enough time to reach an agreement on the minimum defined (by the Bosnian Croat parties), which is a legitimate representation (of Bosnia’s three main groups) in the Presidency and the Houses of Peoples, and the election rules for the city of Mostar.  (…) Juncker will visit Bosnia on February 28, and we should give him the Questionnaire on that occasion.”

By then, Čović said, an agreement on the election law with the main Bosniak and Serb parties should be reached. However, he said he wasn’t optimistic about the next meeting of the party leaders this month.

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