HBO Okays Tanović’s First TV Drama Series

HBO Europe has given the green light to an original series from the Bosnian director of Oscar-winner No Man’s Land.

Success will be Danis Tanović’s first drama series for television. The director, who won the best foreign-language film Oscar for his 2001 debut, managed a similarly multiple plotline structure in his last feature, Death in Sarajevo, which won the Grand Jury prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2016. His 2013 drama An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker also won Berlin’s Grand Jury honor, as well as the festival’s best actor prize.

A six-part drama set in modern-day Zagreb, Success was created and written by Marjan Alčevski, and was selected as one of the winning projects at HBO Adria First Draft Contest. The plot of Success follows four strangers who are bound together irrevocably by a violent event. Each, in their own way, moves to take control of their lives as the consequences of their actions threaten to catch up with them. HBO Europe describes the series as “a bitter ode to the city of Zagreb.”

“For a long time I’ve been getting offers to make series which I think, at the moment, are more interesting and inventive than the movies, but none of them intrigued me so far,” Tanović said.

“Marjan Alčevski’s script is amazingly written, and I’m really happy that HBO has recognized its quality and given me the opportunity to collaborate on it.”

“The pilot episode scenario is very interesting. (…) It is not easy to figure out the show plot from the pilot and I am glad that HBO decided that they were interested in how (the plot) will develop,” said Alčevski.

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