Border Police Chief and UNHCR Rep Discuss Asylum Seekers

Chief of the Bosnian Border Police and the UNHCR representative in the country discussed a surge in the number of asylum seekers in Bosnia and the ways to respond to the rising migration challenges.

“UNHCR recognizes the importance of the Border Police as the first subject that many asylum seekers contact,” said UNHRC’s Anne-Christine Eriksson.

The Border Police, Bosnia’s service for expat affairs and UNHCR will organize workshops to build the capacity of social welfare centers and improve conditions for vulnerable asylum seekers, especially children without adult guardians. Chief of the Border Police, Zoran Galić, said that the agency’s officers protect the border security and the citizens, and treat migrants in accordance with international humanitarian law. He said the Border Police take part in projects that address vulnerable groups of migrants and asylum seekers.

Eriksson presented a new brochure for asylum seekers, authored by the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Justice, an organization that provides free legal assistance and a women’s rights organization. The brochure is translated into ten languages, including Arabic, Pashto and Urdu. The brochure will be available at Bosnian border crossings and the Sarajevo airport.

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