Global Police Network Adds Items to the List of Stolen Bosnian Artwork

The Interpol list of stolen and disappeared Bosnian works of art was recently updated to include more items.

Thanks to the efforts of Tuzla-based Center against Trafficking in Works of Art, more stolen and missing pieces from the Tuzla International Gallery of Portraits and the private collection of Damirka and Enver Mulbadić were included in the global database of missing works of art.

The earlier Interpol list included 14 sought works – 13 paintings and one sculpture. The updated list contains 27 works – 21 paintings, 3 drawings and 3 sculptures.

The Center against Trafficking in Works of Art said they continue raising awareness on the importance of preventive protection and recovery of stolen artwork that is important for the Bosnian cultural identity.

With assistance from the French Embassy to Bosnia, the Center launched a project to help private collectors and galleries keep a record of the artwork in their possession. Namely, the organization designed a “descriptive card” for works of art, with instructions on how to properly photograph the works. The cards are supposed to make finding future stolen and missing art easier.

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