Writers’ Organization Objects Sarajevo Authorities’ Refusal to Honor Turkish Author

Bosnian chapter of a world association of writers criticized the Sarajevo city authorities for reversing the decision to give a Turkish writer the honorary citizenship.

The P.E.N. center in Sarajevo said the Sarajevo city administration used its authority to void the decision of the city council’s commission to honor Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk by declaring him an honorary citizen of Sarajevo.

“As colleagues-writers and advocates of the freedom of speech, we sincerely apologize to Orhan Pamuk for Bosnia’s deep state of xenophobia. It would be an honor to have Orhan Pamuk as an honorary citizen,” the P.E.N. center said in a press release.

“My condolences to the city administration members who reversed the decision and made the city of Sarajevo feel ashamed,” said the center’s president Goran Simić.

The Sarajevo-based center said it will make individual queries with members of the city administration, asking them to explain the reasons for reversing the decision.

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