Man Awarded for Playing Himself in Film Dies at Age 58

The Bosnian Romani man who played himself in a film awarded at Berlinale festival in 2013 died in his hometown near Tuzla, northern Bosnia.

Nazif Mujić, 58, was found dead at his home on Sunday morning. Poverty-stricken, his family reportedly sought assistance to pay for the funeral.

Mujić was briefly famous for winning a Silver Bear in 2013, for the role in “An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker”, directed by Oscar-winning Danis Tanović. The film tells the story of Mujić, a Romani man who salvages metal from old cars and sells it to a scrap-dealer, and his wife Senada, whose third pregnancy goes awry one day. Doctors at the hospital tell her the baby is dead, but Mujićs have no medical insurance and since the operation would cost much more than the family can afford, the hospital’s head refuses to treat her.

The Mujićs played themselves in the film.

In 2016, Mujić sold the Silver Bear to a local jeweler in Tuzla, saying the family needed the money to buy food.

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