Sevdalinka Musician Releases New Video

A Bosnian musician whose work is inspired by the traditional love song form known as “sevdalinka” has released the video for a song from his 2016 album.

Damir Imamović’s rendition of “Tambur bije Čelebija Mujo” – a three-centuries old song for which he wrote music – was released with his album “Dvojka” (Glitterbeat Records, 2016). The video for the song was directed by Amer Kapetanović, Bosnian photographer who lives in Sweden.

Damir Imamović’s music is based on a passionate research of traditional Bosnian “sevdalinka”. In meetings with sevdah masters, musicians, singers and authors of the art form, he expands his repertoire and creates a special style of contemporary sevdah.

In November 2015, Damir opened a multimedia exhibition on sevdah music in Sarajevo. Soon after that his book “Sevdah” was published (Vrijeme, 2016) and translated into English in 2017. It is the first book on the traditional genre written by a performer and author.

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