Jägermeister Claims the Title of the Most Popular Aperitif in Bosnia

According to the maker of a popular herb and spice digestif, Bosnia ranks 15th on the list of countries where the beverage is consumed, with Luxembourg, Slovenia and the Czech Republic populating the top of the list.

The company that makes Jägermeister summed up the 2017 business year in Bosnia, saying the bitter liqueur remains the most popular aperitif in Bosnian establishments. That was certainly helped by a number of advertising campaigns last year.

The brand teamed up with local streetwear makers to release a t-shirt collection. The result was a selection of stylish t’s that appealed to urban millenials.


However, the company’s main advertising focus remained on the music events. During the busy Sarajevo Film Festival in August, Jägermeister’s A State of Ice event was among the popular after-screening places to have fun at. The brand made sure to be around at every major music event in the country last year.

Odlična zabava na Image eventu.jpg

Jägermeister’s slogan campaign in Bosnia in 2017 ran under the main slogan “Icy, not with ice”, in a bid to educate the herb liqueur fans about the proper way to consume the drink. The digestif should be kept at a temperature of -18°C and served in shot glasses. The bottle can be kept in a freezer at home, as it it is designed to sustain deep cold.

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