Police End Veteran Protest at Tuzla

Riot police intervened Saturday morning and ended a protest of the Bosnian war veterans at the northern city of Tuzla.

The police said they were met with some resistance while dismantling an improvised tent village blocking an important intersection outside the city. According to the media, several veterans were hospitalized after a scuffle with the police.

The intervention came after an attempt failed to organize a meeting of the protesting veterans and the Federation entity’s minister for veterans. The protest started on Wednesday, when the veterans blocked several major roads in Bosnia, demanding an audit of the Federation’s registry of veterans and of the work of veteran organizations, as well as better pensions. The road blockades dissolved by Friday, except for the one at Tuzla.

The veterans demanded a meeting with minister Salko Bukvarević, who initially refused to go to Tuzla and wanted the meeting to take place in Sarajevo instead. On Friday, the minister took a trip to Tuzla after all, but insisted that the meeting takes place at the Tuzla canton’s government building. The veterans refused and said they will agree to meet at the protest site outside Tuzla. The minister returned to Sarajevo late on Friday. The riot police was dispatched the next morning.

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