SEECP Lawmakers Discuss Alternative Dispute Resolution in Criminal Trials

Alternative dispute resolution in criminal proceedings could relieve the courts of part of the burden and the capacities of judicial institutions could be used to deal with more complicated forms of crime, such as organized crime, a Sarajevo conference was told.

This is a challenge for all countries of Southeast Europe, a meeting of the General Committee on Justice, Internal Affairs and Security Cooperation, attended by parliamentarians from the ten member states of the Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP), was told.

Participants of the meeting discussed alternative criminal proceedings in the criminal justice process. Chairman of the General Board, Bariša Čolak, said that this would enable the resolution of less serious crimes by means other than the usual form of court trial, which requires substantial human, material and financial capacities.

The outcome of the meeting should be adoption of a resolution confirming the importance of cooperation in the field of justice and stressing the importance of the role of the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly in harmonizing legislation in the countries of the region with the acquis communautaire of the EU.

Čolak added that the member states should commit themselves to the resolution by intensifying cooperation with the legislative authorities so that the executive and judicial authorities could  fight all forms of crime jointly and more effectively.

The documents adopted by the parliamentarians of ten Southeast European countries will be discussed and put to a vote at a plenary session of the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly scheduled for 13 and 14 April in Ljubljana.

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