Zenica University Hosts the First Meeting of Professors and Students of Italian Language in Bosnia

The first meeting of professors and students of Italian language in Bosnia, organized by the Embassy of Italy in cooperation with the University of Zenica, was attended by professors and students from Bosnian universities and schools where Italian courses are held.

The event in Zenica was also attended by representatives of Italian companies that do business in the country, and the local section of the Association Dante Alighieri.

As explained by Ambassador Nicola Minasi in his greeting speech, the initiative offered a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences to understand how to use Italian for human and professional growth. It is relevant topic since the quality of teaching is one of the priority themes of the initiatives organized by the Italian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Italian Presidency of the OSCE in 2018, the Ambassador said.

In view of the close connection between teaching, learning and work, the discussion was divided into four panels that stressed the need to create and strengthen a system of sharing information and opportunities between Italian companies, local associations and students, and the importance of promoting technical knowledge of the language for the purpose of its effective use in the work environment, starting with the promising tourism sector.

Discussing the second edition of the meeting, to be held next year, and in order to fully achieve the ambitious goals set, the participants agreed on the need to create a solid network for exchanging ideas and information, as well as for cooperation in the implementation of joint initiatives by all participants in the promotion of Italian language and culture in Bosnia.

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