Police Identify Minors Responsible for Fake Bomb Scare in Sarajevo School

Sarajevo police said they identified three minors responsible for one in a rash of fake bomb alerts in the city’s schools over the past two weeks. Some twenty bomb alerts turned out to be hoaxes, with police suspecting students of trying to avoid exams.

The police said that two men and one woman, aged 16-17, falsely alerted a Sarajevo school about a bomb on March 22. They were identified the next day. The Sarajevo Canton prosecutor will decide whether to press charges or not.

A number of schools and universities have had to be evacuated in recent weeks, with bomb-sniffing dogs sent in to search the premises. All of them reportedly occurred ahead of tests and exams.

“They were all hoaxes, but we couldn’t ignore any of them, since it’s the children’s safety that is at stake,” police spokesman Suvada Kuldija told AFP.

Police officers are now scheduled to visit Sarajevo schools to explain to students the dangers and cost of such alerts.

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