Sarajevo Gears up for Return of Iconic Cable Car

The city administration in Sarajevo is wrapping up the preparations for celebration of April 6, the Day of the City, with the main event being the opening of reconstructed Trebević cable car.

Mayor Abdulah Skaka said the April 6 events will start a day earlier, on April 5, with an exhibition on Sarajevo’s cable car, compiled by three curators of the Sarajevo Museum. On April 6, the cable car connecting Sarajevo’s old town and Trebević mountain will be opened with a ceremony, followed by an exhibition of cable car-themed photos, donated by Sarajevans, and a concert by Divanhana band at Baščaršija.

“This is an emotional moment for me; the day when we will reopen the Sarajevo cable car. We look at the building and putting into operation the Trebević cable car from three aspects. The first is the infrastructural aspect in which the City of Sarajevo invested a lot of money, and this is one of the biggest investments of the City of Sarajevo since the end of the (Bosnian) war,” the Mayor said.

Members of an iconic Bosnian band from the seventies recorded a nostalgic song on the occasion.

The cable car was originally opened in 1959, connecting the old town with Trebević. It became Sarajevo’s landmark during the Yugoslav era. With the onset of the Bosnian war in 1992 and the start of Sarajevo siege, the cable car infrastructure was left in ruins.

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