NATO Sees Bosnia’s PfP Effort

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization will activate the Membership Action Plan for Bosnia once all defense properties, required for future defense purposes, are registered to the ownership of the state, for use by the defense ministry, said the head of NATO headquarters in Sarajevo.

“NATO Alliance has clearly communicated that it welcomes the progress that has been made in registering defense properties to the state, and encourages BiH authorities to accelerate their efforts, and to register more properties. In wider terms, my overall impression is that the people in the institutions of BiH continue to work hard to meet the country’s commitments within NATO’s Partnership for Peace. Most of this work is not visible to the public, but I assure you that it is visible to NATO, and we commend the commitment and the work of all those who contribute to this effort,” said General Robert Huston in an interview with radio Sarajevo.

“I hear the political rhetoric, but I also hear what average people have to say”

“Bosnia and Herzegovina has made significant progress in reshaping its armed forces and defense structures, and this progress must be recognized. The Defense Review agreed last year was an important step forward, and the focus now should be on implementation, to make this review a reality. The recent decision to acquire new helicopters is a good first step in this direction. As well, the modernization plan that was agreed with the Defense Review is a very ambitious document. I think that like all countries, BiH will find it necessary to prioritize its requirements and to focus available funds on those priorities. Also, BiH has made significant and concrete contributions to NATO-led collective peace support and security operations, particularly when one considers your limited defense resources”, said Huston.

The international community remains committed to peace in Bosnia, Huston said, with efforts invested in one goal: more security, stability and prosperity.

“I hear the political rhetoric, but I also hear what average people have to say. I believe that the citizens of BiH and the region want peace and security, as the basis for economic prosperity, and that they want to have the right to live their lives without fear or intimidation of any kind.  What is really visible to me as an outsider is that the people who live in this country want their children and grandchildren to live in a safe and prosperous BiH. I hope that they find leaders who will take them forward instead of looking to the past.”

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