Lufthansa Marks 20th Anniversary Since First Sarajevo Landing

German carrier Lufthansa marked the 20th anniversary of the first direct flight between Munich and Sarajevo, at the Sarajevo International Airport.

“Lufthansa was one of the first carriers that started an operation from our airport after the end of the (1992-95) war, which was a significant step towards reconnecting Sarajevo with the rest of Europe and the world, normalizing life in Sarajevo, and strengthening the economy,” SJJ General Manager Armin Kajmaković told a press conference.

Lufthansa started its Sarajevo service on 29 March 1998, eighteen months the Sarajevo International Airport was reopened for civilian traffic.

“Since the arrival of Lufthansa, over ten million passengers have traveled via the Sarajevo Airport, and we recorded a significant growth in the past two years. This year we expect to have one million passengers. The figure requires ambitious and extensive development projects that will accompany this growth and will provide the capacities to service two million passengers per year. We are doing this in order to continue providing the best quality service to all our passengers, customers and business partners, but also with the goal of further growth, including the establishment of more air links,” said Kajmaković.


“Lufthansa expanded this connection with Germany and the EU at that time by introducing new flights together with Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Eurowings, and now it covers 25 percent of all the flights from the Sarajevo Airport,” said German Ambassador to Bosnia Christiane Hohmann.

Lufthansa Group’s Senior Sales Director for Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe Peter Pullem said that Lufthansa was the first European airline group that connected Bosnia, a young country at the time, with Western Europe and the world.

“Our success would not be possible without our partners and customers. We look forward to continuing to provide services and a flexible network to the travelers in the region,” said Pullem.

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