Organization Wants Women on Bosnian Banknotes

An organization promoting women’s rights urged the Central Bank in Sarajevo to consider putting Bosnian women on the convertible mark (KM) banknotes.

The Sarajevo Open Center said that none of the five KM banknotes has a woman on it and suggested five.

The Central Bank is Bosnia’s top monetary authority that issues the national currency banknotes and coins since 1998. Currently, the banknotes come in five denominations and most of them in two versions for each denomination, reflecting the two-entity structure of the country. Poets Mak Dizdar and Aleksa Šantić are depicted on the two versions of the 10 KM banknote. Writer Antun Branko Šimić and Serb folk song performer Filip Višnjić are on the 20 KM banknotes. The 50 KM banknotes have writers Musa Ćazim Ćatić and Jovan Dučić on them. Writers Nikola Šop and Petar Kočić are on the 100 KM banknotes. The highest denomination banknote, 200 KM, has the Nobel Prize winning author Ivo Andrić on it.

The SOC suggested five women that left mark on Bosnia’s culture, science and art.

Tuzla-born Adela Ber Vukić (1888-1966) was the first woman painter with formal education in Bosnia. Mica Todorović (1900-1980), born in Sarajevo, was also a painter. Her works depicting the horrors of concentration camps are a moving account of human suffering. Vahida Maglajlić (1907–1943), born in Banja Luka, was a women’s rights advocate and a WW2 national hero. Vera Šnajder (1904–1974) was a mathematician and a published scientist. Laura Papo Bohoreta (1891-1942) wrote poetry, short stories and theater plays in Spanish Ladino language. She documented the customs, language and culture of the Sephardic Jewish community in Bosnia between the two world wars.

“By doing this, we believe that, at least partly, Bosnian-Herzegovinian women will get their place in public in order to reduce gender inequality and unequal representation, and to symbolically show that the work and contribution of these significant women from BiH history is being valued”, said the SOC.

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