Reconstructed Trebević Cable Car Opens

The reconstructed Trebević cable car was opened with a ceremony in Sarajevo, as part of the celebration of April 6, the WW2 liberation day of the city.  The city day also coincides with the start of the 1992-95 Sarajevo siege.

The opening ceremony at the cable car boarding station in Sarajevo’s old town, hosted by mayor Abdulah Skaka, was attended by a number of public figures. The first ride was reserved for Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Offerman, whose donation was essential for the reconstruction of the cable car.


Prior to the opening, mayor Skaka and Mr. Offerman unveiled a memorial plaque for Ramo Biber, the last keeper of the Trebević cable car who was killed on March 2, 1992 at his post on Trebević, days before the cable car infrastructure was wrecked and a month before the siege of Sarajevo started.

Sarajevan Muhamed Hamamdžić who worked as the cable car maintenance engineer for 35 years was honored at the opening ceremony.

“This is my second birthday,” he said, referring to the reconstructed cable car.


The ride from old town to Trebević mountain takes approximately seven minutes. The ticket price is 6 KM (€3) for locals and 20 KM (€10) for foreign nationals.

The cable car was originally opened in 1959, connecting the old town with Trebević. It became Sarajevo’s landmark during the Yugoslav era.

Although the reconstructed cable car is open, the infrastructure works are yet to be completed. It is estimated that the works will take additional two months to complete, with the opening of a reconstructed restaurant at the Trebević end set to take place around that time.

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