EU-Funded Project Will Reconstruct Foča’s Historic Court Building

A European Union-funded project launched last week will reconstruct the buildings of the prosecutor’s office in East Sarajevo and the basic court in Foča. The project is part of a wider package of EU efforts in supporting modernization and reconstruction of courts and prosecutors’ offices in Bosnia.

The €2.5 million project will be implemented by a consortium of three construction companies a supervision company. The works are supposed to be completed by April 2018. The EU has dedicated over €7.5 million for the reconstruction of nine judicial institutions in Bosnia this year.

Elma Prcić Bilić, the European Union Delegation Program Manager stressed that the project is the result of successful cooperation between the EUD, end users, Bosnia’s High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council and governments of Sweden and Norway, which financed the making of the design documentation.

“The EU Delegation is particularly happy to support, in the Year of Cultural Heritage, the reconstruction of the Foča court that is occupying a historic building and thus contribute to the protection of the cultural heritage as well,” she said.

The Foča court and jail house, built in 1909, was designed by architect Karlo Pařík.

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