Breakthrough on Point of Contact for EUROPOL Hailed

The European Union’s envoy hailed a breakthrough in the talks on Bosnia’s point of contact for the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation. 

Bosnian minister of security Dragan Mektić, Republika Srpska minister of interior Dragan Lukač and the Federation minister of interior Aljoša Čampara resolved a long-standing issue of the point of contact for EUROPOL at a meeting attended by the Agency’s delegation. The ministers agreed that the point of contact will be located at the Bosnian Ministry of Security in Sarajevo.

Head of the EU Delegation to Bosnia, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, who also attended the meeting, welcomed the understanding reached among the ministers as an important step in further improving cooperation and coordination on security and law enforcement matters between the European Union and Bosnia, which was the only operational partner of EUROPOL in the Western Balkans that didn’t have a national point of contact.

Bosnian police authorities will contribute staff to the office that will be designated a point of contact, which will exchange intelligence on organized crime, terrorism, arms trafficking, human trafficking, cyber crime, child sexual abuse, homicide and armed robbery with the EU Agency.

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