New Perspectives Discussed at Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Conference

The fourth edition of an annual conference on fast-moving consumer goods was held in the congress center of Sarajevo’s Hills Hotel. The event was attended by several hundred producers, traders, distributors, domestic and foreign retail and marketing experts, guests and journalists.

The FMCG Summit participants heard about the current state of the consumer goods industry, new perspectives, innovations and solutions to boost sales results, as well as development potentials that can spur stronger growth and optimize business costs. The future of retail, new customer needs, the value of a brand, promotion, optimization and digitization were discussed at the Summit.

“We can hardly thrive without investing in knowledge and the FMCG Summit is the best place to get that knowledge. That is why the success of this event depends solely on you, that is, on the new knowledge we have adopted, but also shared. I have to say that I am extremely proud of this event, which is held throughout the region and whose concept originated in Sarajevo,” the conference was told by editor-in-chief of InStore magazine, Rešid Muratović, one of the organizers.

Keynote speaker Jean-Jacques Vandenheede, a senior retail analyst at AC Nielsen Europe from Belgium, opened the panel part of the conference and spoke on the “Great Change is Coming – Sales One on One”. He addressed the benefits of retail digitization and the fact that many food stores in the United States closed in 2017. Small producers have increasingly more options to reach customers directly, he said.

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