Sarajevo Teachers Will Go on a Warning Strike in May

Teachers in Sarajevo’s primary schools will go on a warning strike on May 8, said the Sarajevo Canton Primary Education Union after a meeting held on Monday.

According to the Union head, teachers are increasingly unhappy with the outdated education plans and worsening work conditions, while students would benefit from modernization of schools.

“Children are taught (…) the number of rice grains Chinese grow and other things that either change or have no practical use and consume time. Children are swamped with outdated curricula and nothing is invested in modernization. Children are bored and teachers have hard time. They become scribes who do three jobs for the same pay,” said Saudin Sivro.

“(Schools) should be making young and smart, educated people who will stay in the country. (…) There is no money for education, yet there is money for the administration, government, secretaries, cars… We raise our voice against such practice,” he said.

Education should be tailored for students and teachers, not the government and politicians, he said.

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